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Friday, December 16, 2011

A Timeline Safari

Recently, I decided to migrate my Facebook profile to the new timeline, a few weeks ahead of the mandatory launch. If you are yet to read up on it, read this this article from CNET. After signing up to get the timeline early, I was able to browse through my profile, from the time I joined Facebook several years ago to today. What I found was interesting.

I was reminded of things long forgotten, but it also became evident to me that there were certain things that stood out that said a lot about me. None of it was a surprise, but looking at it chronologically showed me the patterns, cycles etc in my life. I noted a few of them down.

1. I use the word conundrum a lot

2. I love Zambia in September and Jacaranda blossoms (Purple Rain)

3. I tend to post lyrics from my favourite hymns, and while I know that I have favourites, I have never posted any lines from my top 5. However, there is one hymn that I would not list as even being in my top ten of favourite hymns. But, in the last three years, I have quoted the following lines three times:

I'm pressing on the upward way,
New heights I'm gaining ev'ry day;
Still praying as I onward bound,
"Lord plant my feet on higher ground."

4. One of my favourite worship songs is Offering by Third Day. The first line, that I have quoted twice is "Magnificent Holy Father, I stand in awe of all I see".

5. I have contributed to the misuse and abuse of the word Awesome! I plan to change this in 2012, as it is a tragedy the way we trivialise a word of such deep significance and meaning. How many things in this world GENUINELY fill us with awe? Very few.

6. Bandwidth, download capacity, internet speed etc is a very BIG part of my life

7. I share and comment on the film industry quite a lot

8. I often quote lines from The Big Bang Theory, especially those by Sheldon.

9. I get my news from The Guardian (UK) and The BBC News website. Other information comes from CNET (technology) and The Economist

10. I frequently suffer from food poisoning, and feel the need to mention it each time. Ewww

11. Often, I preface my updates with the words Ndipo (a Nyanja word) and Yikes (an English colloquialism). While they don't mean exactly the same thing, they are fairly similar expressions

12. I have many many completely random thoughts

13. My life (as seen through status updates) is a weird concoction of the incredibly mundane and the terribly exciting. Examples: braiding my hair vs safari adventure in South Luangwa National Park

14. It appears that I attend many weddings

15. My support helped Novak Djokovic to a great tennis year in 2011. I was really behind him from January to December.

16. I am quite fond of talking about how the little things in life are important and carry us through the rough times.