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Thursday, October 7, 2010

Musicians Take Issue With Amayenge's Nigeria Trip Accompanying Rupiah

Today's Post carries an article headlined, 'Musicians Complain over Amayenge's Nigeria Trip with Rupiah'. The article carries a letter of complaint written by Zambia Asociation of Musicians chairperson, Maiko Zulu complaining that the association and it's mother body, National Arts Council were not consulted over the decision to take musicians to Nigeria to accompany the President.

Now, I am all for protocol and following established channels, but to me, this story speaks of a sad state of affairs. People are just jealous that Amayenge got their moment to shine in the spotlight (and deservedly so, considering their consistent contribution to the music scene over the years). Jealous musical colleagues have counted the days of the trip, the hefty government allowances paid and the opportunity for further international exposure by their friends and taken umbrage.

Should the President not be able to take whomever he wishes to accompany him on a trip? (The debate on the President's ever growing delegations on international trips is another matter entirely). Why does he have to seek permission from an association? Appreciation of music is down to personal taste, so why should a committee be consulted first? I would understand if the President had taken the same band/group to accompany him on the last last three trips for instance. Then maybe we would say he is 'chingaring' other artistes from benefiting from international exposure.

The Zambia Association of Musicians and it's mother body would be better placed taking the President to task for not giving adequate funding to their institutions and that of the responsible ministry (MCDSS) so that the arts can be properly supported and developed to exploit cultural development and economic opportunities that could be realised from a well managed homegrown arts scene that is of export quality.

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  1. Amayange are a great band. They play true Zambian music unlike most of the current crop of Zambian musicians. If I was his the president I would pick them too.