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Thursday, January 13, 2011

If there are rain puddles in heaven...

I have just finished watching US President, Barack Obama's speech delivered on January 12 in Tuscon, Arizona. Wow! You can read the text of that speech here. The title of this post is an excerpt from the speech. Alternatively, you can watch the President's speech here or below.

One of my favourite lines was this one, "These men and women remind us that heroism is found not only on the fields of battle. They remind us that heroism does not require special training or physical strength. Heroism is here, all around us, in the hearts of so many of our fellow citizens, just waiting to be summoned - as it was on Saturday morning".

And the other quote also is "and that we can question each other's ideas without questioning each other's love of country".

The Tuscon, Arizona speech reminded me of one of President Obama's other great speeches, A more Perfect Union. The full text and video of that is available here. It really touched my heart in that it tackled the issue of race one of the hardest things we struggle to confront in our societies. He came right out and said it. It was a huge risk and he was immensely brave to do it. For me, this is when I truly believed that what he was trying (and is still is) to do was sincere, and that is bringing people together to make a better world - a more perfect union indeed.

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